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  • BTB Customer Historic racing success continues

    Exhausts for historic racing

    Whist contemporary motorsport is shrouded in secrecy and confidentiality, the Historic scene is mercifully still mostly free of such restrictions. That’s not to say that it’s any less competitive, and newcomers, however experienced they may be in their own field, still can find it hard to catch up with existing competitors and their highly developed cars. It is very pleasing for us at BTB to be involved in helping with this process, by sharing our knowledge to speed the development rate of competitors with newly acquired cars whilst also contributing to the marginal improvements of those wanting to stay ahead. The 2015 Goodwood Revival meeting was full of examples of such struggles throughout the various grids. With limited grip and increasingly tightly controlled regulations to ensure that cars remain close to their period specifications, even the most experienced drivers and engineers find the challenge of optimising historic machinery tantalising. After a strong showing at the Silverstone Classic in Mark Sumpter’s Lotus Cortina, Mike Jordan scored another podium in the St Mary’s Trophy race in the second Cortina that the Jordan team have built this year, this time sharing the driving with son Andrew.

    Exhausts for historic racing

    Another driver showing improving form after recent developments at BTB was Alex Morton, who finished 7th in the Glover Trophy in his Climax engined Lotus 21.