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    BTB Spiral Flow Pattern Exhaust

    BTB Exhausts Newsletter

    BTB were delighted with the response to their first appearance at the Performance Motorsport World Expo in Cologne. One of the exhibits on display was a spiral shaped collector, which was made to demonstrate not only the company’s exhaust fabrication skills, but also to try and attract a development partner for the new design. The 4 into 1 collector features merged pipes which when linked with equal length primaries in the correct firing sequence should promote a spiral flow pattern down the exhaust system, which could improve the flow of the exhaust system. It is also thought that the spiral efflux could be beneficial when combined with aerodynamic features such as blown diffusers.

    BTB provide exhausts for £22.7m worth of cars in 6 weeks...

    BTB Exhausts Newsletter

    With the classic car market booming it is no wonder that the value of the cars worked on by BTB should have increased. During the last 6 weeks of 2010 the value of cars that BTB have made new exhaust parts for, totalled a staggering £22.7million! Fortunately for BTB’s insurers most of these cars have been safely tucked up with their owners or in the care of their chosen preparation company. It is no wonder that with historic racing cars still being used competitively, their value is judged as much by their current performance as their historical pedigree. Therefore owners are keen to ensure that everything affecting their cars performance is in optimum condition.

    Race Retro 2011

    BTB Exhausts Newsletter

    UK enthusiasts will get their chance to see some of BTB’s handiwork up close at the forthcoming Race Retro show. BTB are keen to discuss your competition plans for 2011, and are happy to quote for either one off’s or batch orders with collectors, preparation specialists, or owners clubs. BTB manifolds and systems are renowned for their performance as proven by success in motorsport at all levels, and as form follows function they are also a thing of beauty in their own right.