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  • BTB now offer Prototype CNC Machining services

    CNC Machining

    BTB are continuing to turn their facilities towards a greater range of projects than solely exhausts, and are bolstering their capabilities with the acquisition of a new CNC lathe. Initially this will assist with the in house machining of in tooling and fixtures, and will enable small batch production of turned bosses and flanges that have previously been out sourced. As our knowledge of CNC machining grows, the intention is to widen the scope of in house machining to include CNC milling, to further reduce the lead times quoted for prototype and small batch work.

    BTB have also been embracing the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing, and will soon be incorporating such technology within their design process, in order to offer their customer the best possible solution for their requirements. With continual pressure to produce complex geometries in exotic materials within tight timescales, the ability to fabricate those parts using emerging technologies along with creative design allows for solutions with fewer limitations than ever before. It will allow research into more different iterations in less time and without costly tooling considerations. BTB remain committed to providing its’ customers with cost effective ways to improve performance, reduce weight and enhance reliability.