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  • Caterham CSR 290

    The popularity of Caterham’s evergreen Seven continues, and is only matched by the desire of Caterham owner’s to individualise their cars. A perfect example of this made its way to BTB’s workshops recently in the form of a very special CSR. This particular car is unusual in that it had been built by its owner, normally Caterham insist on factory builds only for their more extreme cars such as the CSR. The owner had persuaded the factory to sell him a CSR in kit form, only because of the very high standard of his previous builds. It was certainly a joy to behold and the attention to detail was beyond compare. Naturally BTB rose to the challenge and provided a new manifold that was worthy of being fitted not only for its aesthetic quality but also for its performance. The equal length free flowing design is intended to complement the output of the cars specially Cosworth tuned Duratec motor. The owner had been informed by Cosworth that, based on their dyno figures he should expect to see a maximum of 280bhp, however, after BTB’s manifold and silencer were fitted, the car was set up on Northampton Motorsport’s rolling road where 289bhp was measured at the flywheel. The power figure was still climbing at 7500rpm, which was the rollers limit (a wheel speed of 150mph!), but the rev limit is at 8000rpm, so the owner has every justification for the special decals on his car proclaiming it to be a CSR 290.