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  • Classic Car Exhaust restoration

    Exhausts for historic racing

    All performance cars whether road or race are routinely improved throughout their lifetime, with parts being replaced with uprated replacements to keep pace with newer vehicles. With the current upsurge in values in classic performance cars, there is often a desire to return cars to their original specification. This includes the exhaust system, as not only the appearance but the sound of these iconic cars will affect their desirability and market value. BTB have contributed their skills to the meticulous restoration of many priceless cars in recent years. This may be as simple as aqua blast cleaning and polishing an original exhaust to restore its’ showroom appearance, or replacing corroded flanges and fixings on otherwise serviceable parts.

    Sometimes a complete facsimile of a factory fitted exhaust has to be recreated, using painstaking forensic analysis and research where no drawings or new parts are available. On limited edition or homologation cars, special exhausts are often fitted to give that model a unique performance and sound. Even replacement parts supplied by the manufacturer can actually be just those that were fitted to the mainstream models and will give disappointing results. BTB’s meticulous approach to making exhausts ensures that the performance and sound of your cherished car lives up to its’ appearance and reputation.

    We were the subject of an article in the Telegraph earlier this year on work we undertake on classic car exhaust restoration.

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