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  • Does the quality of your classic’s parts reflect the value of the car they are bolted to

    Classic quality reflections by BTB Exhausts

    The seemingly inexorable rise in the value of classic cars seems set to continue for some time. Fuelled by low interest rates, low fuel prices and an insatiable demand by both enthusiasts and investors, prices are at an all-time high. In many cases, these cars may have spent several years in the doldrums, where the cost of their upkeep far outweighed their realisable value. In those instances, the justification for fitting a stainless steel exhaust was that the exhaust wouldn’t have to be replaced again.

    Unfortunately many stainless exhausts, despite not suffering from corrosion, may have been made with poor quality internal elements and packing materials. In some cases the bends will have been compression bent, reducing the flow of exhaust gases.

    Other cost saving measures may have been used such as thinner gauge metal in order to minimise cost in the face of cheaper alternative replacement exhausts and the depreciation in the value of the car itself.

    Replacement cost vs value

    Of course choosing quality is an investment in the future, and now that classic car values are appreciating again to the point that they are now comfortably outpacing inflation, it is even more important that the sum of the parts adds to the value of the whole.

    BTB have always used the same thickness of material in their classic stainless steel exhausts as the original mild steel pipes to maintain the authentic sound and essential character that the owners were attracted by.

    BTB exhausts have always used mandrel bends that give maximum gas flow allowing the engine to breath efficiently.

    Longer lasting stainless steel exhaust systems need to contain packing materials within the silencers that are equally durable and will withstand the higher gas temperatures caused by burning modern fuels.

    BTB use the same materials for their road exhausts that have been proven in motorsport.

    A BTB exhaust will continue to put a smile on your face and enhance the value of your car, long after the price has been forgotten.

    Originality vs performance/reliability

    Proven in competition

    The surging interest in classic cars has been matched by a phenomenal boom in historic motorsport. The cars competing in these popular events are no longer tired old relics getting a weekend airing, and neither are the drivers!

    The competition on and off the track is fierce as professional teams vie to attract the attention of wealthy owners, and owners seek the best possible results to protect the value of their investment in the machinery.

    Despite the best efforts of the regulatory bodies to maintain originality, the lessons learnt in the years since these legendary cars were originally competed in cannot be unlearnt.

    Modern materials and techniques, coupled with greater opportunities to test and hone the cars performance means that it is vitally important to get all the ingredients right first time. Having been making competitive exhausts for all forms of motorsport for over 33 years means that BTB are ideally placed to provide a race winning exhaust for your classic.

    Indeed, in some cases, BTB will have originally made the exhaust for cars now considered as classics. The challenge of producing a lightweight, durable and performance enhancing exhaust is the same now as it was then, only now, there is the added challenge of reducing noise as well. The fact that BTB has overcome these challenges is borne out by the number of races and rallies won by cars fitted with BTB exhausts.

    Upgrade to BTB

    Iconic cars have earned their status by being best of best. Sometimes though, when measured by today’s standards, the performance of these legends can be disappointing. A whole industry of classic marque specialists are dedicated to preserving the heroic status of classic cars. They offer a range of upgrades that are designed to allow the enthusiastic owner to indulge themselves and live out their sporting and touring fantasies on today’s roads without being embarrassed by modern day machinery.

    BTB supplies many of these exhausts that offer the capability to cope with increased engine capacity and output for many miles to come. Great attention to the design details, the function, the fit and the finish, means that BTB can give your classic the bite to match the growl, bark or howl of your chosen classic hero.

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