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  • Mike Jordan A40

    When long time BTB customer Mike Jordan told them he had built an Austin A40 race car as a bit of fun, they knew only too well that it would be constructed with the care and attention to detail that Mike always lavishes on all his cars. Even so, when the little jewel first appeared for BTB to make a stainless steel system, the intention was clear. Mike’s target for his new toy was always going to be an appearance at the Goodwood revival meeting. In confident anticipation of gaining a coveted entry for the prestigious event, Mike asked BTB to prepare an unsilenced side pipe for the race itself, as well as a full length exhaust with rear exit silencer for regular use.

    After the little car’s first few outings, and the strength of the competition became clear, development continued. The car returned to BTB for them to replace the proprietary exhaust manifold for a bespoke item, designed not only to improve power but also allow a lower ride height. Mike and his engine supplier had also noticed that the inlet manifold could be improved on, and BTB stepped in again with a fabricated part, made to their exacting requirements.

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