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  • Mike and the Giant-Killer

    CNC Machining

    When long time BTB customer Mike Jordan told them he had built an Austin A40 race car as a bit of fun, we knew only too well that it would be constructed with the care and attention to detail that Mike always lavishes on all of his cars. Even so, when the little jewel first appeared for BTB to make a stainless steel system, the intention was clear. Mike’s target for his new toy was always going to be an appearance at the Goodwood revival meeting.

    Mike and his team have done a lot of work on the A40, naturally fitting all the requisite safety equipment, but also reducing the weight to just 720kg. A lot of work has gone into the 1293cc Midget engine too, being equipped with twin 1.5in SUs, steel crank and rods and a hand-fettled cylinder head, producing 130bhp. The rest of the car too, received a lot of attention, with the back axle uprated with a limited slip differential, stronger half shafts and an A-frame location. Midget front discs and calipers and a Mini master cylinder are fitted, and Mike Jordan was keen for BTB to develop an exhaust system in keeping with the car’s heritage yet also delivering performance. Initially, Mike was after an unsilenced side pipe for the race itself, as well as a full length exhaust with rear exit silencer for regular use.

    However, after the little car’s first few outings, development continued. The car returned to BTB to replace the proprietary exhaust manifold for a bespoke item, designed not only to improve power but also allow a lower ride height.

    Mike and his engine supplier had also noticed that the inlet manifold could be improved on, and BTB stepped in again with a fabricated part, made to Mike’s exacting requirements.

    As we have seen, the car went on the win the second race in the prestigious St Mary’s Trophy at the Goodwood Revival meeting beating two monstrous Jaguar Mk1s, and Mike is already planning ahead for further outings in 2015. BTB will be on hand to help improve the little machine further and wish both Mike, Andrew and the beautiful little Austin A40 success!