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  • Two to tango

    BTB’s workshops were brightened up recently by the distinctive orange cars of Chimptune Racing. Matthew Chamberlain’s Hayabusa engined Lynx LR1 was first in for a tapered manifold and repackable silencer. Matthew is hoping to race the car in some Bikesports races this year in between studying engineering at Loughborough. Matt’s father Richard was impressed enough by the results to send his highly developed Porsche 935 twin turbo to BTB for some inconel manifolds and a pair of noise friendly silencers. It was certainly a tight squeeze to fit the equal length primaries and wastegate plumbing around the trick carbon fibre diffuser. The exhausts are one more step towards returning the rebuilt car to the track ready to upset a Mosler or two in Britcar GT’s later in the season. Read all about their adventures at