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  • Advanced technologies at BTB


    BTB have recently invested in the latest Romer portable 3D measuring arm with specific tube

    scanning probe and software that allows rapid reverse engineering of prototype or existing parts and

    more accurate data transfer to our CNC tube bender. This capability will allow BTB to measure

    vehicles at customer’s premises when required, so that new parts can be designed, fabricated and

    delivered ready for final assembly without the car having to be transported or work on it

    interrupted. The accuracy of the Romer enhances BTB quality by enabling verification of part to CAD

    data and digital storage of geometry for future reference.



    The latest 2016 version of SolidWorks has enhanced capabilities for 3d CAD and allows designers at

    BTB to collaborate freely with our customers by importing and converting data from all formats of

    their own software. A recent upgrade to fibre broadband allows increased download speeds

    improving the ability to transfer large data files such as complete chassis structures and bodywork.

    Fit and function of BTB’s products can be proven before any material is cut and fabricated for

    improved efficiency and reduction in waste.



    In house CNC Turning and 3 axis machining facilities enabling quick response to tooling

    requirements. Lead times can be reduced by keeping control of machining operations as prototypes

    can be proven out and once tested, the exact same machine can then produce production volumes

    of parts without risk of inaccuracies. Parts can be made just in time, in the correct quantities to

    match requirements, without having to over order in case of defects or interruption in the supply



    Additive Manufacturing:

    Otherwise known as 3d printing, BTB uses plastic models to valid new design concepts, and can then

    turn those designs into usable metal parts in materials such as nickel alloy 625 and titanium. This

    process is in widespread use in aerospace and motorsport. BTB is fortunate to have formed strong

    relationships with a number of suppliers of AM technology and can combine AM with traditional

    fabrication skills to produce more intricate parts that are stronger and lighter than before.


    Examples/Case Studies:

    Additive Manufacturing: BTB has contributed to a number of exotic “hypercars” over the years. The

    cross over between cutting edge motorsport technologies is obvious in the extreme performance

    goals that the designers of such cars demand. However, even at the cutting edge, there are

    opportunities for marginal gains. Light weighting is often the key to performance, and improving the

    strength to weight ratio of parts can unlock that performance. BTB recently combined their

    fabrication skills with advanced additive manufactured parts to save 5 kilos from the mass of the

    exhaust manifolds on a twin turbo charged hypercar. The performance gain was demonstrated by a

    number of high speed test runs at high profile events, and has led to a limited run of these enhanced

    cars being put into production.


    CNC Machining:

    The ability to machine a complex exhaust flange from solid billet has resulted in a

    part that offers a better sealing quality in a critical area and has saved several fabrication operations

    that were previously necessary. On their large bore upgrade exhaust manifolds for the classic Aston

    Martin V8 Vantage, BTB recognised the need to improve the flange design between the manifold

    and downpipe. The 4 pipe flange has a very limited sealing surface and is prone to leakage as the flat

    flanges can be distorted by the welding process, and are difficult to fully weld in all the necessary

    areas. Initially BTB introduced 4 small spigot tubes to support the solid copper gasket. This has

    worked well, but is very time consuming to achieve as it relies on a lot of intricate TIG welding. BTB

    can now machine the spigotted flanges on its own Hurco VM10i machining centre. The ability to

    prove the concept and manufacture the parts under one roof has proved invaluable and will inspire

    BTB’s designers to use the facility to improve other parts in BTB’s range of products.


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