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  • Bend it like BTB

    Bend it like BTB

    Even though our name indicates that our speciality is exhausts, we like to think that BTB could stand for Brilliant Tube Bending. Allow us to explain:

    BTB have an in-house CNC tube bender which has over the years been used for a wide variety of diverse projects, as a result, BTB staff have built up extensive experience on the fine art of bending. Geometry data can be put directly into the CNC tube bender, allowing for unrivalled accuracy and precision.

    The versatile machine can bend tubes from 12mm diameter up to 70mm in a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminium and titanium and is equally adept at one-off or repeat batch work.

    Over the years, we have not only bent tubes for all manner of exhaust applications but fluid pipes for all kinds of automotive applications, and structural tubes for chassis components and rollcages are also regular jobs.

    All bent parts are checked on our FARO coordinate measuring machine to ensure that they are delivered right first time.

    With the right tools and our team of expert fabricators and welders always to hand, all manner of complex tubular assemblies can be completed. As suppliers to several of the recent James Bond movies, you could say that BTB are licenced to bend!

    Bend it like BTB


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