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    Whilst they are known for their exhaust manufacturing expertise, BTB also could stand for Better Tube Bending. Investment in computer controlled machine tools means BTB can tackle short batches of metal parts for all kinds of eventual uses. The highly sophisticated control system on the tube bender not only accurately determines angles and lengths, but also varies the amount that the outside of the tube is pushed as well as the rotational speed of the bend die. This can reduce the material thinning on the outside of the bend, which is particularly important for fragile materials such as aluminium and titanium.


    It also makes bending of very tight radii possible whilst minimising reduction in the cross sectional area of the inside of the tube, which is critical to flow. Maintaining good tube section geometry and maximising wall thickness is also key to the performance of structural parts. BTB’s tube bending expertise has recently produced parts such as engine oil system components and chassis reinforcements. Small but critically important parts like these can be produced in prototype quantities within a short lead time.

    BTB’s rapid reaction to customer demand for quality parts that are right first time stems from over 30 years of experience at a championship winning level in all forms of motorsport. This service is now being sought by vehicle manufacturers eager to reduce their development cycle time get their products to market more quickly.

    The precision of CNC tube bending is also beneficial when fabricated parts are required that may combine machined components with tubular elements. So if you are having problems with sourcing accurately bent tubes for fluid carrying pipes or structural fabrications, call BTB now.


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